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Tourist Attractions

We want you to enjoy as much as possible the beautiful places we have in Făgăraș County, and to make sure that you don't miss any tourist objective, we come to meet you with some proposals:

Făgăraș Fortress

If you are still in Făgăraș, do not miss the fortress of Făgăraș which is the most important monument of our city, one of the largest in the country and even in Europe. For more details on the entrance fee or the opening hours of the museum:

Transfăgărășanul road

It is also considered the most spectacular road in Romania with a distance of 151km. Here you can enjoy a unique view of the Lake and Bâlea Waterfall, just 54 km from Fagaras.

Adventure Park Drăguș

For nature lovers, Aventura Park Drăguș offers tourists many activities such as climbing, shooting, hiking, zip lines, paintball, mini golf, etc. It is the place where both parents and children can enjoy a great experience. You can find the ticket price and the opening hours by accessing the link

The fortified church of Viscri

The beautiful evangelical church is built in the style of the fortified Saxon churches in Transylvania. Since 1999, the church has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The church-hall was built by the Szeklers and was later taken over by the Saxons. The church was fortified in the 15th century and transformed into a church with towers, bastions and two defensive walls. The church is located in the village of the same name in Brașov County. The distance to this beautiful location is only 44 km from Fagaras

Emerald Lake

Considered a wonder of nature, the emerald lake was formed inside a former stone quarry. Its name comes from the color of the water, similar to emerald. In the area you can find Racoș Volcano and Basalt Columns. The lake is located at a distance of 55 km (56 min), in the commune of Racoș.

The clay castle from the Fairy Valley

On the road to Sibiu, another objective detached from the stories is the Clay Castle. The Clay Castle is located in a special, picturesque area. The magical landscape is completed by the greatness of nature, the green expanse and the wonderful views.

Sâmbăta de Sus Tourist Complex

Within the tourist complex you can find Brâncoveanu Monastery, an ideal place for prayer and peace of mind. The distance to the Complex is 28 km (approx. 25 min.) Passing through the following localities: Beclean, Voila, Sâmbăta de Sus (on the way to this locality you can also visit the Sâmbăta de Jos Stud Farm). Valea Sâmbetei Chalet (1401 m). At a distance of 10 minutes, the cell of Father Arsenie Boca.

The complex from Lisa - La Vâltori

The craft of wool has been passed down from generation to generation using technology and has been preserved to this day. In this place you will discover how wool is processed. This objective is located at 20 km (approx. 25 min), passing through the localities Beclean, Voila, Sâmbăta de Sus, Lisa

Temple of Sinca Veche

The Sinca Veche cave monastery is an old place of worship located in Sinca Veche, 25 kilometers (approx. 30 min) from Fagaras. At Sinca Veche you go for the legends and the mystery of the place of worship carved in stone. Also called "Temple of the Bears", "Monastery Digged in Stone" or "Temple of Sinca Veche", a place of silence, fulfillment of good wishes, but also some paranormal phenomena - in the opinion of some.